315+ Transactions

Over the past five years, the Law Firm has advised on more than 315 transactions across business development value chain in Canada, with an aggregate value of over $19 billion

Our Firm’s multidisciplinary Team advises on complex transactions that span corporate disciplines, including:

  • Mergers and acquisitions, including Reverse Take Over (RTO)
  • Equity and Debt Offerings, including Private funds
  • Tax Reorganization
  • Syndicated Loans


Since opening our Law Firm two decades ago, our Team have builta thriving Montréal practice through dedicated client service andinnovative lawyering. Clients entrust us with their most complexand important corporate transactions and legal disputes becausewe offer unparalleled Civil and Common law capabilities, puttingthe collective skill of our entire Firm to work to help our clientsachieve their commercial goals. With an understanding of not onlythe legal intricacies of a particular matter but also our clients’business imperatives, Séguin Racine Law Firm is able to offerpragmatic advice, professional and sound judgment.