The Cannabis industry is evolving in Canada. Following the legalization of the drug for medical and therapeutic purposes, recreational cannabis has become a reality in Canada. When dealing with matters involving this highly regulated industry which will be under strict scrutiny for some time, Séguin Racine is a partner of choice. It has already begun providing legal advice to clients involved in the cannabis industry. For those who wish to seize opportunities in this emerging market, Séguin Racine offers a full range of sophisticated legal services.

Séguin Racine brings to the table its knowledge and expertise in business law, acquired over the years, to help producers, entrepreneurs, venture capital funds, private investors, property managers, service providers and other stakeholders. seize the opportunities offered by this thriving but complex market.

Our clients have relied on our experienced team to advise, assist and structure transactions with objectives as diverse as private financing, tax planning and public offering (by reverse takeover, capital pool company or qualifying transaction) resulting from a listing on a Canadian stock exchange, the purchase of a business or compliance with applicable laws.

Whether in the area of Capital Markets, Financial Services, Governance, Taxation or Mergers & Acquisitions, the Firm has the experience you need to bring your Cannabis industry projects to fruition.

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