Corporate Governance and shareholder activism are topics that lead the headlines these days. Complex and of critical importance for open public companies, paragovernmental corporations and investment and financial services companies, Governance and shareholder activism are top of mind concerns. Boards of directors are continually pressured to follow the rules and make the right decisions regarding Corporate Management or Governance.

Séguin Racine has a strong knowledge of the obligations, the rules of conformity, the practices and the tendencies of the market. The Firm advises and ensures that internal corporate and political structures are put in place to meet all stakeholders’ expectations.

The last decade has seen a significant shareholder influence on decision-makers and Boards of directors, both in terms of internal structure and internal rules of Corporate Governance. Our Firm is frequently consulted for consulting services and to respond to the challenges of shareholders disputes, especially since the last financial crisis.

Séguin Racine helps its clients comply with the terms and conditions of Governance and disclosure. Our clients rely heavily on the expertise of our Firm to analyze or support: issues of director independence, fiduciary duties of directors, practices and constitution of various committees of the Board of directors (compensation, audit, special, and governance), related party transactions and information circulars.

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