Since our foundation twenty years ago, we are proud at Seguin Racine to support emerging businesses and start-ups in achieving their goals. One of our most brilliant successes regards our long-standing relation with Garda from their star-up stage towards their actual transnational size today.

As a leader in the field of emerging businesses we possess an extensive knowledge of business growth and the ability to work with all types of companies regardless of their sizes.

Our business team gathers professionals aware of entrepreneurial feverish and knows how to catalyze this undeniable energy in realizing their respective project. Our firm is in a position to support emerging businesses at their beginning to obtain a prosperous future.

Having cumulated many years of experience in the field of business’s legal aspects, our firm offers a wide range of legal services which are perfectly adapted to emerging business and start-up reality.

Our experience in the field of Corporate & Commercial law, Tax, Financial Services and Capital Markets, acquired by helping other well-established companies is an important asset in achieving numerous mandates provided by our emerging and start-up clientele.

Particularly, our firm acted for emerging companies and start-ups dedicated to various industries, such as Science and Technology, Entertainment, Security, Cannabis and Transportation.

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  • GEEKCO TECHNOLOGIES TO GO PUBLIC ON THE CANADIAN STOCK MARKET GEEKCO TECHNOLOGIES TO GO PUBLIC ON THE CANADIAN STOCK MARKET GEEKCO TECHNOLOGIES TO GO PUBLIC ON THE CANADIAN STOCK MARKET On January 24, 2020, the privately held company Geekco Technologies Inc. (“Geekco”) announced the signing of a conditional reverse takeover agreement with the public company Woden Venture Capital Corporation. This transaction will allow Geekco, a digital technology company targeting the marketing sector, to have its securities ...
  • APPLICATIONS MOBILES AGYL APPLICATIONS MOBILES AGYL APPLICATIONS MOBILES AGYL Merger on February 26, 2020 of two leaders in the world of digital innovation. Our firm advised the shareholders of Applications Mobiles Agyl in its multi-million dollar transaction with Nventive. This private transaction created a major player in Canada with close to 200 employees in its two mobile and web application development campuses ...

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