Séguin Racine has considerable experience with service providers, commercial users and direct services in the Transportation industry. Over the past 15 years, Séguin Racine has served and continues to assist a multitude of clients in the trucking, armored vehicle, aviation, training school, road vehicle rental and bus transportation businesses. Our Firm also serves many clients in industries closely related to the Transportation industry, including courier companies, car dealerships, airport pre-boarding service firms and locating and signaling companies.
Séguin Racine offers its diversified clientele an enviable level of expertise in the context of the legal framework in Canada and in Quebec governing the field of Transport and Logistics. Our team keeps abreast of legal and regulatory changes.
Our expertise includes:

  • Licenses and logistics regulations and compliance;
  • Sale and lease-back transactions and fleet financing;
  • Rental and financing of aircraft;
  • Loss claims in the event of disaster or fatality;
  • Cross-border and domestic contracts;
  • Tax planning;
  • Dispute Resolution and Commercial Litigation;
  • Mergers and Acquisitions;
  • Workplace health and safety; and
  • Reorganization and insolvency.

At Séguin Racine, a customer-centric approach is at the heart of our culture. With this approach, we are able to address each issue or transaction and target and mitigate risks in accordance with the objectives of business decision-makers.

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Angela K. Kosciuk




Private Business



  • Acquisition and Financing of a Bombardier Challenger Acquisition and Financing of a Bombardier Challenger ACQUISITION AND FINANCING OF A BOMBARDIER CHALLENGER As part of its global operations, Code C Aviation acquired and financed a Bombardier Challenger 605 aircraft in February 2020. The firm’s multidisciplinary transportation law team advised the purchaser in these transactions valued at nearly $29 million.
  • Signalisation Routière S.R.Q. Signalisation Routière S.R.Q. 5 000 000 $
    Acquisition of a Business Operating in the Construction Industry
  • Groupe DCM Groupe DCM Private transaction
    Sale of a Business in the Field of Aeronautics
  • Acquisition based in British Columbia and Alberta Acquisition based in British Columbia and Alberta 2 000 000 $
    Acquisition of Churchill Armoured Car Service Inc. based in British Columbia and Alberta
  • Tecnic Tecnic Private Transaction
    Acquisition of Driving Schools
  • Ameriflight Ameriflight US$24 000 000 
    Reorganization and Negotiation of a Master Lease Agreement for 157 aircraft

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